CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Tensions Rise at Cabinet Press Conference

IPD Article Image - Tensions Rise at Cabinet Press Conference

During the early hours of the morning, representatives from cabinets across the globe gathered in a press conference to discuss recent developments.

President Nixon and the Cabinet of the United States kicked off the conference, discussing the recent massacre of South Vietnamese civilians by American troops. The American press secretary condemned the act, proclaiming that violence against innocents is never acceptable. “As a result of this attack, we will seek drastic reform in our military. The United States will try the troops in a military tribunal, and will release them with a dishonorable discharge,” she added.

Sharing sentiments with the U.S., the representative from Vietnam condemned the attack as horrific and appalling, claiming that the “Vietnamese cabinet is saddened and infuriated by the U.S. Military.” He placed the blame for the attack on U.S. General Florence and promised that “Florence and his men will be held accountable for their actions.” Vietnam strongly agrees with the United States in that the men accountable must be tried in a military tribunal. The Vietnamese also insist that the individuals be extradited for a trial on Vietnamese soil.

Addressing the recent uprising in Czechoslovakia -- deemed the “Prague Spring"-- the USSR announced that they successfully apprehended and de-escalated the “small group of radicals from taking over the country.” This event came as a shock to the USSR; the nation passed directives in order to ensure the Czech problems would never happen again, announcing that they now have installed “education, safety nets, and initiatives to stop the rebels so their ideas will not be spread.”

As the last to speak to the press, China shared that they have been “working with many nations in Asia and recognize the recent border disputes between China and Russia.” According to the representative, China believes that “the situation can be resolved in a fair manner and a way that can be managed by both sides.” The nation finished by commenting on their eagerness to initiate and participate in the Communist Asian League.