CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Tensions between nations across the globe are stronger than ever

IPD Article Image - Tensions between nations across the globe are stronger than ever

A cyberattack is the cause of a massive power outage in Germany, escalating tensions further within global governments.

The United Nations Security Council has met to discuss solutions in this time of crisis, stating, "We should act with Germany or not at all."

Furthermore, the Security Council is planning to help Germany restore power with the request of asking corporations such as Microsoft to help, but there have not been many other solutions.

The main focus of the Security Council is to figure out if the source responsible for this cyberattack is a certain country, state, or even group. There is speculation that this cyber attack was Russian-motivated due to the heated tensions between the two countries after Germany condemned and sanctioned Russia for its attacks against Ukraine. Yet, the representative of Russia states that “Russia had nothing to do with the recent cyberattack.”

Currently, the Security Council is discussing the possibility of implementing an investigation concerning who is behind this attack and how this attack was even put into action. Many in the Security Council claim it is important to get to “the core of this crisis.” China states that the utmost concern is that this attack is internal, claiming they should investigate all options and theories.

Yet, the company targeted was used to power an American military base. The U.S. claims they, as well as Germany, are being targeted. Nations are in disagreement as they say the investigation should not be turned into a “witch hunt” within this committee.

The Security Council already has a working paper in place to solve this issue. They are hoping to have a solution to this crisis soon.