CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Tension Continues to Grow Amidst Denuclearization Talks

IPD Article Image - Tension Continues to Grow Amidst Denuclearization Talks

By: George Kwiecinski, Xinhau

The United Nations General Assembly is torn as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is opened for signature. States are seeking to protect their own interests as political tensions rise. Less-developed countries, such as the Kingdom of Jordan, are seeking nuclear power to ensure that they can protect their interests, both domestic and foreign.

The United States (U.S), United Kingdom (U.K), Israel, India, France, China and the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.) currently hold the majority of the nuclear power in the world. Member states such as Cuba seek to gain access to nuclear weapons, aiming to protect themselves from the stronger allied powers. Cuba arming themselves puts the U.S and many other Central/South American allies in danger. Mutually assured destruction is acknowledged by member states, keeping any advancement on the issue from happening.

A representative of Laos revealed that they seek nuclear power to keep U.S and allied forces out of southeast Asia. The delegate stated that they believe these conflicts are this era’s colonialism, and urges western powers to keep out of southeast Asia.

With growing pressure on the delegates, an agreement is yet to be found.