CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Technology development in the Middle East

IPD Article Image - Technology development in the Middle East

By Ashley Huebner, Jerusalem Post

    Technology has become a big part of our world. Countries like China and the United States are extremely reliant on modern technology But what about the Middle East? With technology being a part of everyday life, it is not a shock that other countries will want their share of what technology has to offer.

    Jordan has already taken action in integrating technology into the  structure of their economy.Technology provides the base for political, social, and defense structures. The main thing they have in common is their impact on the economy.Of course, these advancements come with their challenges.

    Education is the key to understanding technology. But the problem lies with the actual education. One needs to attend university, and there are not many adequate universities for this in the Middle East.

Some countries also have their doubts about newer technology.

    “The new president is progressive about using 5G technology, but we are still skeptical. We want censorship in our news. We penalize any reporters that criticize our government”, the delegates from Iran said, “which is why we blocked off major social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.”

    Although technology can be helpful, it seems like it can also harm countries and their policies.