CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Supreme Russia Struggling after the Dissolution of the USSR

IPD Article Image - Supreme Russia Struggling after the Dissolution of the USSR

By: Elizabeth Innes, Islamic Republic News

Frustrations echoes from both sides of the Supreme Soviet after the dissolution of the USSR. The legislation is passed in no particular order and has gone off-topic. “We are divided into left and right, where the left vote against the right and vice versa because we are biased in voting by friendship and not policy,” states a member of the representative of Russia. Change is occurring at the expense of the minority. 

Human rights legislation has been passed the afternoon of December 7th. The topics of economics and democracy are sporadically discussed with a lack of attention to detail. While the dissolution led some to believe there would be greater opportunity for democracy and unity, it proves to have caused the opposite. The representatives are strongly divided amongst topics with little wiggle room for compromise. The lack of compromise proves to prevent major changes to occur regarding the economics and democracy of Russia.

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