CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

South Sudan Riding Solo Through Civil War

IPD Article Image - South Sudan Riding Solo Through Civil War

With an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 people dead since 2014, South Sudan is facing a full-fledged crisis. Despite this, little action has been taken in cooperation with South Sudan in the African Union. With a strong opposition to an arms embargo and an extremely aggressive stance on domestic terrorism, South Sudan’s policy doesn’t align with any other African delegation. 

“There are no other countries that share South Sudan’s views. Other countries are seeking an arms embargo while we aren’t," the representative from South Sudan said when asked about the lack of cooperation with his country. "But, we are working on a paper that would decimate the rebel groups as terrorist groups.”

On Thursday, the representative called South Sudanese politician Riek Machar a "terrorist" but the representative from Gambia claimed, "everything you just said was false."

With an ongoing crisis highlighted by millions of refugees, rapes, mass killings and food insecurity, South Sudan still has hope.

“We are willing to do whatever is possible to fix this problem,” the delegate from South Sudan said.

With working papers rising up from several factions within the African Union, the South Sudanese civil car is expected to be addressed and the crisis resolved by Friday evening.