CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

SOCHUM wraps discussion on nations' self-determination

IPD Article Image - SOCHUM wraps discussion on nations' self-determination

The UNGA subcommittee SOCHUM is addressing the self-determination of nations. Territories such as Guam, owned by the U.S., and the Cayman Islands, owned by the United Kingdom, are not allowed representation within the national government. Many smaller nations spoke out against large nations refusing to let go of old territories.

"Collaboration is at a low. Groups are good at coming up with resolutions, but the actual debate is struggling," the representative from Sierra Leone said.

Vietnam fiercely opposes China's control over Taiwan due to Taiwan having its own currency, government, culture and economic ties, and still not being fully independent.

The representative of China in SPECPOL gave a speech to SOCHUM regarding Taiwan. The Vietnamese representative later called the Chinese government  "scum."  Vietnam's working paper to promote Taiwanese independence is sponsored by India and Mauritania. Vietnam may destroy diplomatic relations built over the years with China if its representatives continue to push against Chinese control over Taiwan.

The U.K., Canada, Finland and Angola are creating a solution that promotes education in order to prevent discrimination by factors such as race and religion. They promote the protection of indigenous people in their territories.

When asked about the future of this committee session, Sierra Leone responded, "Sierra Leone is eager to hear the resolution going to be presented in the working papers, but so far there has been too much debate about which resolution is more unique than the others." The representative is hoping to move onto the next topic, which is the protection of journalists, soon.

Image: Office of the president, Republic of China/Flickr