CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Smaller member states in the E.U. need larger states to step up

IPD Article Image - Smaller member states in the E.U. need larger states to step up

By Tejas Chakravarthy, The Chronicle

In the forefront of topics the European Union (E.U.) will be discussing lies the refugee crisis.

Disagreements regarding funding allocation have led states to question their current agenda. Euro-skepticism, the criticism of the European Union and European integration, are rising.

The migration quotas imposed on member states by the E.U. significantly contributed to this rise of Euro-skepticism in many European states. Many smaller states, especially with struggling economies, expressed that they did not feel they were well equipped to let in these large numbers of migrants that the E.U. imposed. The rejection of this imposition, such as that by Czech Republic, put enormous strain on Czech-E.U. relations.

Finnish leaders have also voiced their wariness towards the massive increases in migration. Finland stated that, “we have already taken in 20,805 refugees, this has done no good for our economy, and goes against our values and culture. It is imperative for larger member states to do more in order to relieve pressure on us.”

Smaller states in the E.U. have formed a bloc with their main idea being that smaller countries do not have the infrastructure, economy, or space to accommodate a number of refugees.