CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Senator Talmadge's Fight for Increased Action in Vietnam

IPD Article Image - Senator Talmadge's Fight for Increased Action in Vietnam

By Ethan O’Rourke, Fox News

In a debate between Democrats from the United States House and Senate this morning, Georgia Senator Herman Talmadge stood alone as one of the only Democrats interested in speaking on behalf of increasing American influence in Vietnam. “We must increase involvement in Vietnam to make sure this war ends as quickly as possible while ensuring that President Johnson and America's goals in the region are accomplished,” the senator asserted.

The debate regarded the priority of agenda items and Senator Talmadge opined, “We have an election to win, and that should be our primary focus today,”. In a follow-up interview with the Senator, Talmadge clarified that the election was of "not more," but "equal" importance as Vietnam. Going on to explain the two plans of action he believes should be taken regarding the war, he stated, “We can leave Vietnam and risk in the process making President Johnson look weak and complacent, or we can continue playing our weird version of hokey pokey and keep one leg in Vietnam."

Like most, Senator Talmadge wants to end the war in Vietnam, but he refuses to let Congress settle for an incomplete job and pull troops out. As a supporter of President Johnson, Talmadge believes the goals of the Johnson Administration are a top priority, stating, “If we really do want to support our leader in this election, we should put our pride aside, we should put our antics aside, and support him in this war.”

Armed with his counterintuitive plan of increasing troop presence in order to end the war quicker and appease the people in the long term, Senator Talmadge is hoping for an American victory royale in the war against the Soviet-backed North Vietnamese.