CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

EDITORIAL: Senator from Connecticut Compares CPD to Nazis

IPD Article Image - EDITORIAL: Senator from Connecticut Compares CPD to Nazis

By Emma Langas, El Pais

“We have the Gestapo on the streets of Chicago,” said a senator from Connecticut at today’s Democratic National Convention. The senator slandered Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley, for his endorsement of Lyndon B. Johnson and the police before being escorted off the stage.

His opinion was met with mixed responses. The representative of Ward 11, Cook County, responded to the senator by saying that the police are innocent and that Chicago “should not have to fix what is not broken.” She then expressed her support for Lyndon B. Johnson, who Mayor Daley backs.

Although the senator from Connecticut claimed that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is equivalent to Nazis, Chicago has benefited from Daley’s implementation of a more strict police administration through Orlando Wilson. The response time of the police has decreased, and the system has become more efficient overall. Additionally, Wilson helped improve relations between the African-American community and the CPD. Although Wilson’s retirement has had negative effects, the positive changes he implemented through Daley has helped improve Chicago as a whole. Although Mayor Daley’s ideology is thought of as strict and violent, it is only in response to the violence of Chicago as a whole and it is necessary to better the Chicago Police Department and the city of Chicago as a whole.

Source: Smithsonianmag