CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Security Council Moves to Enact Support Initiatives in Syria

IPD Article Image - Security Council Moves to Enact Support Initiatives in Syria

The United Nations Security Council offers an immediate cure to Syria’s instability in the form of dedicated humanitarian aid.

A four-pronged approach sponsored by China seeks to slowly rebuild the damage inflicted upon Syria and the Middle East from past conflicts. The plan currently consists of distributing medical supplies, food and water, educational resources, and infrastructure. These four pillars of China’s proposal are to be sent through Chinese distribution channels in East Africa. Representatives to the United States and Russia have stated that they will contribute by using their distribution channels in Syria and Turkey (the latter of which is U.S. exclusive).

“In accordance with the wishes of the Arab League states and members that have spoken to United Nations Security Council, China encourages less participation of Western nations in the Middle East and Africa to stabilize the region,” a representative to China explained.

Aid will be carried through military personnel from Russia and the U.S. China looks to use peaceful U.N. led missions to move aid to the necessary locations. Unfortunately, the Security Council cannot promise a speedy resolution to the strife in the Middle East but hope that current resolutions will take the necessary steps.