CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Security Council hopes to pass in tandem, aid in the Yemen Crisis

IPD Article Image - Security Council hopes to pass in tandem, aid in the Yemen Crisis

Quinn Riordan, Der Spiegel

The U.N. Security Council plans on passing working papers in tandem to provide specific and developed solutions to the Yemeni crisis. The two blocs are focusing on different solutions to the conflict, covering both aid and ceasefire.

“We are working separately so that we have more details and opinions from as many delegates as possible,” the representative from Belgium said. “[As] when you have larger groups, a lot less opinions are shared from separate delegates.”

In the first bloc, the delegates from Belgium, Kuwait, the United States and Germany are in the process of completing their working paper, which specifies the “provision of humanitarian aid through funding, monitoring, education and assisting refugees and displaced peoples in Yemen,” said the delegate from Belgium. 

The other bloc is focusing on a ceasefire for the Yemeni conflict, specifically surrounding the Port of Aden, the main port in Yemen, and holds a great strategic position both economically and militarily.

“We want to recommission [the Port of Aden] as a main port to transport aid and keep it as a constant safe area. But a ceasefire is necessary to achieve this,” the delegate from Peru said.