CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Saudi Arabia Makes Oil Deal with China

IPD Article Image - Saudi Arabia Makes Oil Deal with China

By: Deanna Lebloch, Le Monde

Now that Saudi Arabia has sold 5% more of its government-owned corporations, Saudi Aramco, their economy is "booming" according to the Minister of Finance. This coupled with the fact that the Saudi Arabian Minister of Defense shares that "[China] purposed to only purchase oil from [Saudi Arabia]" which could prevent Iranianian terrorists from stealing Saudi Arabia's oil and selling it to China. 

If the Iranian terrorists were unable to sell the oil they stole from Saudi Arabia to China then it may be possible that the power these terrorists hold could diminish in the future. Not only will this new tariff between China and Saudi Arabia be economically prosperous for both nations, but it also limits the number of terrorist acts that bring risk to civilians. 

China and Saudi Arabia's new tariffs are currently being sent back and forth to ensure whats best for the two nations. The rise of the Iranian terrorist groups caused deep terror among nations. The problems that this vicious group may experience from their money supply getting drained can ensure safety to civilians. This new development is good news to both Saudi Arabia and China and will surely be a monumental compromise.