CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Saudi Arabia is Angry with the United States

IPD Article Image - Saudi Arabia is Angry with the United States

Dejea Lyons, Pan African News Agency

Saudi Arabia is enraged about the United States' deceit. At midnight, Saudi Arabia made an appearance for the Pan African News Agency in order to express themselves about the ongoing issues. 

The United States directly attacked Saudi Arabia during the early hours of this morning.“The main concern this government has is how easily the United States of America has turned their backs on us,” the delegate explains. 

Saudi Arabia wants the public and especially the United States to know that their actions will have consequences in the future. The Middle Eastern country is unable to understand why their western ally has turned their back on them especially because of “how we have been so loyal,” to the United States. 

With the deception of the United States, Saudi is looking for “new geopolitical allies within the world.” There are already a couple of ideas of who may be a beneficial fit for Saudi, however, they did not disclose who exactly they have in mind.

Regardless of what has happened and what is to come between both of the countries, Saudi Arabia wants the world to know “Saudi Arabia takes care of its citizens and we want to portray the best message to the world,” the delegate expresses. Unlike the United States, Saudi Arabia is deeply concerned about its citizens and are prioritizing their health and safety, especially in this time of conflict. 

Finally, the representative explains that the disconnection between the two countries will not affect 2030 plans for Saudi. This country will continue on its path to depend less on oil and become a beacon of the Middle East.”