CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Russia Continues to Shock the World with Cyberattack

IPD Article Image - Russia Continues to Shock the World with Cyberattack

A recent cyberattack on resulted in the removal of an article by El Universal regarding an article discussing Russian corruption within the government. The El Universal reporter, Maya Navarro, was made aware of the removal of her article and was allegedly arrested by the Russian Cabinet.

While the actions regarding this reporter are important, it imperative to remember the actions that Russia took to bring down this article and with it a reporter. Russia, still facing international criticism for alleged interference in the U.S. election, has used cyber warfare yet again to attack a reporter and a news agency.

The fact that Russia was able to commit this crime shows that the United Nations Security Council has not yet come to a resolution for the cybersecurity of national governments and other agencies. It is time for the Security Council to step up and protect the globe from these harmful attacks.

Image: El Universal Reporter Maya Navarro