CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Refugee Crisis in Uzbekistan and Middle East

IPD Article Image - Refugee Crisis in Uzbekistan and Middle East

The Indo-Pakistani War, the Vietnam War and conflicts in China have created a crisis for refugees. Coming from the Indian sub-continent, Vietnam and China, many refugees are fleeing to the West to escape the dangers of their home countries.

Before reaching Western countries, the refugees must travel through the Middle East. Some of these countries do not want to accept refugees. Instead, many leaders in the Middle East are trying to restructure their infrastructure and would be unable to support refugees, as others have.

While people are in need for a place to stay during these tough times, the General Assembly focuses more on debating issues regarding nuclear weapons than debating issues regarding the refugees. Although nuclear warfare is a large problem, many believe it should not overshadow other crises because they see this as a more urgent issue. The General Assembly must decide which is more important: the lives of refugees or rules about nuclearization. Many say the nuclear debate will be there another day, but that the people suffering may not be.