CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Promoting International Cooperation in Cybersecurity

IPD Article Image - Promoting International Cooperation in Cybersecurity

By: Neha Kapur, Islamic Republic News Agency

With the growing dominance of the internet, we have evolved to allow our people to hold greater amounts of freedom. However, what becomes dangerous is what people do with subtle restrictions. When given little to no parameters, some will choose to misrepresent others, causing the growing problem of cybercrime.

Before addressing how to counteract cybercrime, it becomes crucial to reach a cohesive definition as to what these crimes entail. A cybercrime is one committed by means of a computer used as a tool to commit an offense. Those who engage in such illegal activities are known as hackers.

There have been multiple cybercrimes targeted at the United States in recent years. Some people even go as far as to blame our own people for attacking various U.S. universities.

While the Islamic Republic of Iran takes no part in addressing the accusation, the problem of cyber crimes has not been prevalent within our Islamic nation for a reason: the people have little freedom in regards to the internet. The Islamic Republic of Iran would strongly urge the United States and other nations who face similar conflicts to truly evaluate the extent of personal freedom given to the people. These problems persist within these countries as the people are given too much power - power that should be given to the Supreme Leader.

Within the eyes of the Islamic Republic, the solution to cybercrime is easy, the access granted to the people should be limited. The primary news, television, radio, and other public service stations should be regulated by the all-knowing government, eliminating the risk for others to take advantage while maximizing the security of the nation.