CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016


The Chronicle

IPD - Republic of Korea.
  • “To address foreign state-sponsored disinformation, the Republic of Korea in the ITU Council is working to develop a global fact-checking platform, building off Seoul National University Factcheck. The consolidation of Austria’s Fakt ist Fakt. Scotland’s Ferret Fact Service, Norway’s Faktisk, and the Factcheck Initiative Japan creates a global hub for trusted media artists to divulge their conclusions. The audience is able to draw their own opinions about a topic as they would have access to numerous reports from different media outlets. Appalled by the recent news of cyberstrikes from the UNSC, the Republic of Korea and the ITU council is working to build foreign state-sponsored disinformation campaigns”
  • To be released to the IPD

IPD - Canada and the Republic of Korea.
  • “The nations of Canada and the Republic of Korea are alarmed and concerned about the recent updates about specific countries privately promoting disinformation and attacks on civilians’ safety. The incidents of the WannaCry cyberattacks by the DPRK and the media manipulation by the FSB cannot be tolerated in the face of the looming conflict that will bring harm around the globe. To address this looming threat, the current ITU resolution with the Republic of Korea, Canada, Indonesia, and the United States is close to complete and thus offers a comprehensive solution to the Crisis at hand. The resolution, B.R.U.H. is a comprehensive solution that addresses the conflict immediately.” 
  • To be released to the IPD