CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Presidential Candidate Nixon’s plans for Communism and Vietnam

IPD Article Image - Presidential Candidate Nixon’s plans for Communism and Vietnam

By Terry Cullerton, the Chronicle

According to presidential candidate Nixon’s campaign manager, if Nixon is elected president, he wants to lower the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. He plans on reducing troops and slowly handing the war over to the South Vietnamese.

His plan to win the war is by changing the war strategy from unilateral actions to multilateral actions by turning to the  the U.N. and NATO. Despite this, he fully supports the South Vietnamese. Nixon’s campaign manager also mentioned how the candidate will approach the U.S.S.R. going forward. Nixon’s plan is to work on trade between the East and the West.

The manager additionally mentioned Nixon's firm stance on keeping nuclear warheads and a strong defense. Nixon’s actions could hurt Thailand going forward, as the U.S. is the major force fueling the war in Vietnam. Without their help, it will be a tougher war for the South Vietnamese to win. A unified Vietnam under communism is a very real threat to everyone in Southeast Asia.