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EDITORIAL: 1948 Pakistani cabinet ready to accept refugees, wants to spread Islamic faith

IPD Article Image - EDITORIAL: 1948 Pakistani cabinet ready to accept refugees, wants to spread Islamic faith

By: Natalie Hartl, Fox News

At last night’s press conference, a representative from the Pakistani cabinet spoke warily of the tensions between Pakistan and India. Pakistan apparently is planning on accepting refugees while also teaching Islam to its citizens.

The delegate stated that Pakistan is “preparing for an influx of refugees, a move that India has not made nor offered.” It seems that Pakistan has no worry about how the refugees will affect the nation’s economy, yet it has no problem dropping a bombshell on India’s choice not to accept refugees itself. Accepting refugees could also likely increase tensions with India and ensure that there will be no peace between the two nations anytime soon.

The Pakistani cabinet member did, however, cede that India hasn’t directly attacked Pakistan for its religion, saying they “recognize that India has not attacked our faith and we are still open to communication between the two nations.” This seems to be a move toward possible peace, but was obviously contradicted by her later statements concerning teaching the Islamic faith.

Pakistan is now “working with Kashmir to set up a new education program where we will be teaching Islam but still respecting the different religions in our country.” Does it not seem hypocritical that Pakistan praises India for respecting their faith while still seemingly forcing their upon other in their own country?

When asked how Pakistan can teach Islam without infringing on other religions’ rights, the delegated simply stated, “I cannot answer that question at this point.” After being implored further on how they can teach Islam without deeming other religions inferior, the delegate admitted to “using Islam as a uniting force since our country is 95 percent Muslim.” It seems that Pakistan’s new strategy is to create an army of Muslims to finally annex Kashmir into their already affluent nation. Could this be the real reason Pakistan is so eager to accept refugees into their country?

We can only wait and see how long it is until Pakistan attempts to steal land from other neighboring countries for the sake of Islam.