CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Orphaned child program to be funded solely by Sudanese government

IPD Article Image - Orphaned child program to be funded solely by Sudanese government

In an effort to counter the controversial Adopt-A-Refugee plan in the African Union, or A.U., the representative of Sudan issued a statement to implement the country's own government-run program for displaced children of the Sudanese Civil War.

Sudan would require no additional monetary funding for this program,” the representative of Sudan in the A.U. said. 

This statement follows criticisms of the Adopt-A-Refugee, which intended to place orphaned refugees in host families within stable countries until the Sudanese Civil War ended.

“It would be a logistical nightmare to send the orphaned children back to Sudan even if the civil war ends before they become adults,” the representative of Morocco in the A.U. said.

Before Sudan issued its statement to the A.U., some delegates tried to reach a compromise on salvaging the Adopt-A-Refugee program. One of these solutions focused on using the age of consent as a determining factor of where the refugees would go.

“After the children turn 18, they have a choice to stay within their country that they were hosted in or return to South Sudan,” the representative of Burkina Faso in the A.U. said.

However, Sudan’s proposal would be “government-run,” which would respect the national sovereignty the nation possesses.

“Sudan will be willing to accept all orphaned refugees that have not been accepted by refugee camps,” the representative of Sudan in the A.U. said. “If individuals would like to adopt a child, they will still be able to do so.”

The program has yet to be voted on, along with seven plans, which are currently in the process of being consolidated.