CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

OPINION: Technology for All: A Necessity

IPD Article Image - OPINION: Technology for All: A Necessity

Quinn Riordan, Der Spiegel 

Technology is the backbone of our modern society. Although one can physically survive without technology, it has become a necessity for much of the world. According to a U.N. report, 47 percent of the world's people now use the Internet, which is a five percent increase from last year. Yet, there are still serious disparities with those who have access and those who do not. 

Technology provides benefits in the working world to both the individual citizens but also to the nation as a whole. According to The Borgen Project, technology boosts the nation’s economy and helps reduce the costs of production, encouraging the growth of new businesses, and advances communication and education. 

Plans need to take into account the implications of their provisions of technology by both educating nations, creating an equal opportunity, and limiting the effects on the environment. However, this is difficult to achieve due to the varying conditions within each nation whether it be war, droughts, or political instability.  

“We hope to implement a technology recycling program through education to expand the prevalence of technology in developing countries. The spread of technology allows the spread of education and growth to all nations,” said the delegate from Tunisia.

Plans such as these, which provide technology for all, are a bold step that benefit both the fight against climate change and elimination of technological disparities. To become a fully integrated and prospering world we must think about all the people. Come together to provide technology for all, not just the select wealthy few.