CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Opinion: Soviet Union, Defender of the Common Man or Angel of Death

IPD Article Image - Opinion: Soviet Union, Defender of the Common Man or Angel of Death

By: Andrew Jones, Al Jazeera

The Ukranian SSR has made great strides as of late in order to disconnect itself from the Soviet Union, due to a large increase in Ukranian pride and nationalism following recent disembodied sanctions. Ukraine has halted its progress following the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat—which killed approximately 50 employees of the plant and infected thousands more with radiation poisoning—as the Russian SSR (the undisputed head of the Soviet body) attempts to close the book on the “accident,” as well as the affected areas.

An anonymous source from within the Ukranian government shed some more light onto the power plant incident and what this means for the people of Ukraine. The source explained that “All parties involved, who contributed to the destruction of the plant and the surrounding area, have been properly dealt with, in the event that the radiation did not take care of them first,” when asked about what became of the surviving plant workers. 

The source angrily admitted that “The Soviet Union has no plans in place to fix the wrongs unearthed within the reactor cores, that ultimately caused the plants failure,” when pressed further about the specifics of the disaster. These “wrongs” that the source referenced were recently discovered following a massive investigation by the Soviet government, with Soviet physicist Valery Legasov at the lead. The investigation revealed concerning issues, such as graphite-tipped control rods, which were found to have lit the fuse that ignited the disaster. The fact that the Soviet Union has no plans to fix their plants’ issues is a concern to the citizens of the Soviet Union, and the world.