CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Opinion: Nuclear Power, Doomsday device or Innovative Invention

IPD Article Image - Opinion: Nuclear Power, Doomsday device or Innovative Invention

John Goeckermann, O Globo

Though many view nuclear power as a possibly harmful technology, nuclear energy have and will transform the world we live in today into a better place.

Nuclear energy is the safest, most realistic, and relatively clean energy source currently available. According to the United States Department of Energy about 80 percent of nuclear accidents are a result of human error and most of these accidents stem from organizational weaknesses. The U.S. Department of Energy also believes that by focusing on these weaknesses the amount of human related accidents can be greatly reduced. Paired with the development of new technology and safety systems the risk of accidents in nuclear power plants can be reduced to a level where disasters will no longer be a common place.

Nuclear power plants operate at a much higher capacity than other options, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that nuclear power plants operate 92.5 percent of the year. This is significantly higher than solar arrays 25.1 percent and hydroelectric power 41.9 percent. Nuclear power is clearly the most reliable energy source available.

Energy is generated through nuclear fission instead of burning, this means there are no emissions in the process of creating energy. The only output of carbon emissions is in the process of creating the nuclear plant which is insignificant relative to the emissions a coal plant creates. Nuclear power can prove to be a great benefit to every country, it's up to them to recognize the potential.

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