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OPINION: Fake News Campaign

IPD Article Image - OPINION: Fake News Campaign

By Quinn Riordan, Der Spiegel

The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Cabinet (FSB), have closed their doors to all foreign press delegates, only allowing in the Moscow Times.

During the press conference on Dec. 6, the delegate from the FSB argued that slander was committed against her. The disinformation argued by the FSB is faulty and a cover up for their refusal to share Russian political decisions. Since the Moscow Times is the only publication able to cover the FSB, the Russian government is equipped to censor and control the message.

“I have been speaking about the grave injustice of misinformation campaigns for my entire career," stated the press delegate from the FSB. "I have spoken about against mis-speakers of the truth. The Russian Federation is working steadfastly to find who falsified the contents of a closed cabinet session meeting.”

The FSB claims not to know who released this information, yet the only press delegates allowed into the cabinet are from Russia. This label of disinformation is faulty, when as a cabinet you continuously deny commenting on any proceedings within it. When you say “I am not at liberty to say” in conjunction with closing your doors, it is not clarifying the truth, just avoiding it.

The closure of cabinet doors to all non-country states prevents the coverage of different perspectives on the issues, and leads to the spread of disinformation and biased information.