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Opinion: Donald Trump is a Problem

IPD Article Image - Opinion: Donald Trump is a Problem

By Ashley Huebner, Jerusalem Post 

Yesterday President Donald Trump answered questions from reporters. The questions had a large range of topics, but there is one response in particular that merits discussion. When asked about how the United States’s sanctions on Iran benefited the American economy, he said that it had nothing to America and their economy. In fact, he said that it had to do with punishing those “sh*thole countries full of terrorists.”

While there are some terrorist groups in the Middle East, it would not be fair to generalize these countries. Even if President Trump wanted to punish these countries for their wrongs against the United States, it would not do anything. Iran already is breaking the U.S. sanctions, which makes the U.S. look weak by not doing anything. And having a head of state that uses profane language does not look good for the country.

Donald Trump is also quick to brag and gloat about himself. In his own words, he is “a better president than President Lincoln.” This sent the reporters into an uproar. Diplomacy is not one of the things that the current President of the United States exercises. t seems that the issues with the United States and the Middle East will not be solved anytime soon. All in all, Donald Trump is a problem, to both the United States and the Middle East.