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Opinion: Is Trump's Carefree Attitude a Shot in His Own Foot?

IPD Article Image - Opinion: Is Trump's Carefree Attitude a Shot in His Own Foot?

Jasmine Ericson, Dawn

Press delegates from around the world chuckled, hollered, and raised their eyebrows during their recent encounter with President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. After his joyful celebration of his "amazing round of golf", the president gladly welcomed questions. Journalists shouted questions at the man who was protected by a mere two Secret Service agents. Throughout the entire session, the president appeared cool-headed and assertive despite the challenging questions and claims directed to him. 

When asked about issues such as the US-Mexico border humanitarian crises, recent impeachment allegations, Hong Kong protests in favor of democracy, US-China trade war, heart attack rumors and more, his nonchalant attitude deflected many questions that criticized his administration. He casually nicknamed one journalist "Terrorist Joe". In addition, he repeated his infamous and controversial statements like "sh*****e countries" and "if [Ivanka] wasn't my daughter and she was 5 years younger could you imagine". Numerous times he responded to assertions made by journalists with shut down phrases like "fake news" and "I've never heard of such a thing". 

Despite all this, some may interpret his attitude as deflecting so as to avoid certain issues, whether it be the lack of intelligence, interest, or something else. Others praise his attitude, many finding similarities between his character and Reagan's "Teflon" character. Is his approach beneficial to the American people though? Americans seem to become more and more divided over time Trump opens his mouth, and the margin between America's two political parties have exploded during recent impeachment processes. What most Americans are concerned about is his carefree attitude when making extremely consequential decisions, such as withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria or instating an executive order better known as the "Muslim ban".  The vision of leadership is different for everyone, but it is certainly clear that President Trump will continue to pave his own road on the way to his luxury recreational golf course. 

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