CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

North Vietnam Wants United States Out

IPD Article Image - North Vietnam Wants United States Out

By: Garrett Exo, South Africa Times

North Vietnam has a strong message for the United States: "Get out."  North Vietnam seems angered by the fact that the United States have involved themselves in the Vietnam War. Currently, Vietnam is a divided country in a war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.  North Vietnam is looking to rewrite their history and become a sovereign nation, with a peacefully unified Vietnam.

During a press conference, the Minister of Information and Communications for North Vietnam stated “The power hungry United States has shoved it's nose into our internal affairs, and have engaged in a proxy war as a desperate attempt to spread it's imperial sphere of influence.” North Vietnam is outraged by the destructive presence of the United States on their land. The Minister of Information and Communications expressed North Vietnam's rage over the what the United States has done by saying, “their presence has been extremely destructive. Hundreds of innocent children, mothers, fathers, and elderly are consistently being massacred by the United States soldiers, who are fighting a war with no cause.”

Although the United States is fighting a war against Communism, North Vietnam states that they are “sick of the atrocities that plague our suffering people, and wish for peace at last.”

The United States however, is “committed to [the] de-escalation of Vietnam,” stated a United States representative in a press conference.  Whatever may continue to happen between the United States and Vietnam, Vietnam wants the U.S. off of their soil.