CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

North Vietnam Slanders United States Does not Mention USSR

IPD Article Image - North Vietnam Slanders United States Does not Mention USSR

By Emma Langas, El País

In a recent press meeting largely concerning the Vietnam War, North Vietnam slandered the United States, but ignored the USSR’s wrongdoings.

“Their presence has been extremely destructive.” The Minister of Communications for North Vietnam remarked on the United State’s role in the Vietnam War. The minister criticized the United State’s method of military action, and stated that North Vietnam simply wanted peace. “[The U.S.] engaged in a proxy war, and attempted to spread its imperial sphere of influence where it is not wanted.” The minister stated.

However, the Minister refused to take questions when he finished with his speech, and failed to mention the role of the USSR.   The USSR, the very nation North Vietnam called upon for assistance, is also fighting in the proxy war, and has committed numerous war crimes, many against South Vietnam. Additionally, they have attempted to spread their communist beliefs across the country. The evasion of questions by the minister has caused mistrust in North Vietnam, and their true intentions have yet to be discovered.

The press conference has caused Spain to side more fervently with the U.S., as they are also strongly anti-communist. By not mentioning or allowing questions concerning the USSR, North Vietnam began to show their true colors: communist red.