CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Nixon Releases Campaign Trail Plans

IPD Article Image - Nixon Releases Campaign Trail Plans

Richard M. Nixon, presidential candidate for the Republican party, has released some key topics he wishes to address while on his campaign. In the wake of the leaked statements from current president Lyndon B. Johnson, which contradicted his publicly stated views of civil rights, the Chicago Tribune has met with some of Nixon’s campaign staff to discuss upcoming election goals.

Concerning domestic issues, Nixon hopes to take an innovative approach. He will encourage increased attention towards agriculture and will attempt to reach that demographic by appealing to farmers and agriculture workers who act as the backbone of the country. He will continue to hold intelligence and education to a high standard, helping the country thrive both individually and as a whole.

As for foreign policy, Nixon hopes to strengthen the United States’ position in the International Space Race, and aims to put a man on the moon within the decade. While he understands the fear of communism that has swept across the U.S. and the people's hope to put it to an end, he more strongly emphasizes the importance of removing American troops from Vietnam in the hopes of saving countless American lives and allowing the U.S. to transition out of its wartime state. Nixon has considered encouraging South Vietnam to take over fighting this far away war.

For his campaign, Nixon is currently reviewing and considering candidates to act as his vice president. With some well known candidates on the table, the Nixon campaign staff is not yet ready to release any names. However, Nixon is looking for a strong, dynamic partner who will contribute to and support his views. He prioritizes working cohesively with his vice president, who he hopes will appeal to the citizens of the U.S. Nixon is interested to see how the upcoming Democratic National Convention plays out and will monitor it closely over the next few months.

Nixon is on track to reshape America into a unified nation.

If Nixon is elected, "the U.S. is on track for a peaceful and reunified America with opportunity and orderly progress for all," according to his campaign adviser.