CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Moscow Times Journalist Justine Rozenich Found Alive

IPD Article Image - Moscow Times Journalist Justine Rozenich Found Alive

Yulia Yuzik, The Moscow Times

In a shocking twist to the story the rocked the entire world, Russian journalist Justine Rozenich, who had been previously thought to be dead, has been found alive. Justine Rozenich managed to get in contact with the Moscow Times and discovered that her death was faked in a plot hatched by the Russian Federation.

It was previously thought that the Russian and Iranian cabinets worked together to kill Rozenich. However, the Moscow Times discovered a recent video of Rozenich that has surfaced, showing that she is alive and being held by the Russians. In the video, Rozenich claims that she “is happy and healthy,” but she appears to be blinking SOS as well as staring in fear at someone filming the video.

With this video coming to light, the only possible explanation for this is that the Russian Cabinet told Iran that Rozenich was dead when, in reality, they were holding her captive.

The whereabouts of Rozenich are unclear as of this moment, but it is still assumed that she is alive. Rozenich has granted permission to the Moscow Times to publish this article, despite the risk of the certain death that she now faces.

It is key that the press takes action to save Rozenich and bring her back home. The Moscow Times is taking the first step in this initiative and encourages all media outlets to fight for her to be released by the Russian government.