CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Mayor Daley accused of corruption

IPD Article Image - Mayor Daley accused of corruption

New witnesses and information have come to light that reveals Mayor Daley has been involved in large-scale criminal and corrupt government practices.

More than 12 city council members are willing to testify against Mayor Daley regarding his illicit practices. Some of his supposed actions include creating a hit list that threatened the lives of an alderman who dissented against his opinion, removing the speaking rights of councilmen during the debate, coercing aldermen into voting in a specific way on city ordinances and pushing for the suppression of freedom of speech throughout Chicago.

“I have witnessed the mayor force aldermen to vote a certain way on city ordinances under threat of their lives," said Alderman Seymour Simon of the 40th ward. "The city council is a disturbing place to work, not to mention the pattern of protest suppression in recently passed ordinances.”

On Saturday, the mayor joined the U.S. community at the Democratic National Convention, his presence met with shouts, protests and boos from the crowd. Clearly, as news of his corrupt and immoral practices surface, the citizens of Chicago and people all across the country are beginning to look to him as a villainous figure.