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Editorial: Trump’s Twitter Habits Weaken the US. Sad!

IPD Article Image - Editorial: Trump’s Twitter Habits Weaken the US. Sad!

In the year since Donald Trump was elected president, it seems as if his use of Twitter has only worsened. During one of the most tense eras in modern history, with the threat of a nuclear attack by North Korea and the conflict in the Middle East, rather than conduct diplomatic discussions with world leaders, all President Trump has done is tweet. About everything. His tweets range from comments on Twilight to #lockherup, and it is getting harder and harder for the world to take Trump, as well as the United States, seriously.

We can’t go a day without a tweet that completely disregards every foreign policy issue relating to the United States. Just two days ago, Trump tweeted anti-Muslim videos from unverified accounts, strengthening his false rhetoric that Islam is out to kill. When asked about this, the White House Press Correspondent stated that it did not matter if the videos were true, just that the idea was true.

This belief is false. It does matter if the videos were what they seemed to be. Which they weren’t. Trump’s persistent use of his account to spread false information hurts people within the U.S. and outside of it. Furthermore, the U.S. press secretary officially confirmed at a press conference just 18 hours ago that Trump’s tweets can be considered official U.S. policy.

Today, Trump shocked the world by his tweets after North Korea fired another missile, which the North Korean government claims can reach all parts of the United States. Instead of choosing to condemn these missiles in a diplomatic fashion, Trump chose to tweet.

And what did he tweet? “Two words: shot down.” While this tweet is not nearly as provocative as others, there is no evidence that the U.S. really did shoot down this missile. Trump blatantly disregarded all notions of the truth, and chose to ignore the official messages of the State Department, as well as of Eastern Asian countries’ facts on the matter.

How can the United States and the world continue to trust Trump? Well until he decides that he will tweet the truth, there is no way that we can.

Image: Michael Vadon