CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Johnson Forfeits Run for Re-election

IPD Article Image - Johnson Forfeits Run for Re-election

By Eleanor Westerbeck, the Chronicle

President Lyndon B. Johnson arrived today in the Senate, bringing with him breaking news and a heavy heart.

“America is divided. We are seeing protests in the streets, the war in Vietnam; while it is a war, and wars are never easy nor won easy, I know with the right determination, we can win. I think it is time for fresh leadership,” Johnson announced while addressing the Senate.

This news does not come as a shock to many Americans. President Johnson has received backlash and encited protests as the war continues to rage in Vietnam. Citizens take to the streets daily, condemning the large-scale loss of life in the war. Many members of the Senate agree that the war should cease and have been working to bring a swift end, however Johnson seems reluctant to withdraw.

His forfeit brings many questions for the future of the country. “Johnson not running will hopefully direct more unity within the Democratic Party. However with Bobby Kennedy shot, the Democratic Party lacks a strong challenger to the presumptive Republican nominee Richard Nixon,” commented Senator Birch Bayh (Indiana-D).

There has not yet been discussion as to who will run in Johnson’s place in the next electoral cycle. News on this topic will likely emerge soon.