CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Israeli Cabinet to develop agricultural infrastructure

IPD Article Image - Israeli Cabinet to develop agricultural infrastructure

In hopes of increasing its agricultural output and opportunities for jobs, the Israeli Cabinet officially disclosed that it would be trying to develop the deserted region of Negev to be more agriculturally friendly.  

“Specifically we are hoping to develop crops like beans, corn, and cactus flowers,” the Minister of Communications of the Israeli Cabinet said during an interview after the Dec. 2 press conference.

Although specific plans for how exactly Israel would develop this region to be able to produce those commodities, they recognized the difficulty in implementing such infrastructure. “We hope to be successful despite

the difficult conditions the region presents,” said the Minister of Communications of the Israeli Cabinet. “However, if we do implement this technology to better our nation, perhaps the international community would validate the sovereignty of the nation of Israel.”

Another purpose was stated for implementing this infrastructure in the Negev desert.

“We are trying to focus on developing infrastructure in major regions that may need development after conflicts with nations around Israel,” the Minister of Communications said of the Israeli Cabinet. “We need to make sure our people have employment opportunities and a sustainable foundation for thriving in such a harsh region.”

Statements of how well this infrastructure is lasting and being implemented has yet to be addressed to the press.