CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Israel and Palestine conflict reaches all-time high

IPD Article Image - Israel and Palestine conflict reaches all-time high

With recent tensions on the rise and violence breaking out in the city of Haifa, diplomats have been relentlessly searching for a solution between Israel and Palestine.

Many nations have been calling for peace talks between the two countries. However, representatives express skepticism on if these nations will succeed with the surrounding and vehemently opposing Arab nations.

In the UNTC, the delegation of the United Kingdom, while pulling out of their Israel mandate, has called for a ceasefire and increased military in the area. Meanwhile, the Israeli cabinet is looking for a feasible long-run approach to solving the issue.

While at this time bringing in troops won't create peace right away, we hope in the long-run it will create a more stable environment,” the cabinet’s press minister said. “Our main goal at this point is to try to have the Arab nations around us to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish homeland. We understand to them that right now, our presence seems like an infringement on their personal beliefs… but we’re hoping that through the demonstration of fair and equal principles, whether it be through war or through our Declaration of Independence… the Arab people will realize that we are a loving nation.”

However, the vast majority of the Arab nations are not in agreement with the cabinet’s statement. They do not see peace and fairness in Israel’s existence, and plan to continue their fight for the Palestinians. 

“Those nations should really think long and hard about their decisions before they make a rash decision about having such a homogeneous population in the Middle East,” the Israeli representative said.

Although a dialogue is open and the world is hoping for peace, tensions in the area remain at an all-time high.