CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Opinion: Iran Says, Saudi Arabia Says

IPD Article Image - Opinion: Iran Says, Saudi Arabia Says

By: Dejea Lyons, Pan African News Agency

In the press conference held earlier this evening, Iran was making accusations against Saudi Arabia while the delegate from Saudi Arabia countered the argument and made accusations against Iran.

“The Saudi Arabian government has made a sizable donation to the Iraqis presidential candidate.” The Iran representative claims that this compensation included “three Ferraris and a yacht.” The Iran representative claims that this bribery is happening because of the involvement Saudi Arabia want to have in the Iraqi government. The spokesman for Iran believes with these actions, Saudi Arabia is trying “take away the self determination that the Iraqi people deserve.”

The Iran representative went on to accuse the United States as they might be involved in this issue scheme as well. The delegate points out that “The Saudi Arabia and the United States governments are close allies.” The spokesman states that this might be a result of “American imperialism.”

When Saudi Arabia stepped up to the podium, all accusations that were made by Iran were disregarded. The Saudi representative states that “Iraq has sent troops into Iran while they say that they are giving. "[Iran] has sent troops to Iraq" The Saudi delegate claimed, “the consequences (of sending the troops) are uncertain and we unsure what they are for.” Saudi Arabia blames Iran for causing this chaos as “the last time Iran had control over the Iraqi citizens, they rebelled and this is what has come of it.”

Once again, with the disinformation crowding both of these countries, it is hard to believe any of the information stated above as there is no transparency.  However, this is not what the main concern of these countries should be. Iran should be focusing on the present protest taking place in their country. While Saudi Arabia should be focusing on their new plan to be less dependent on oil and find better alternative fuels.