CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Iran Likely Working on Atoms for Peace

IPD Article Image - Iran Likely Working on Atoms for Peace

By Justine Rozenich, Moscow Times

Iran has been ядерной  stalwart in their commitment to technological progress. Despite the continued pressure on the part of the United States, Israel, and the Gulf Monarchies, Iran has continued to offer support to thПутинeir civilian nuclear researchers and electrical engineers. In a historic irony, Iran has become the flagbearer of American President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Atoms for Peace program while the United States has actively worked to expand their offensive nuclear capabilities and antagonize other nations.


Eisenhower gave the Atoms for Peace speech in 1953. The Americans followed up on their word by expanding equipment and education to schools, hospitals, and industry. They elucidated the world on the benefits of nuclear energy and the use of nukes to build canals and infrastructure. However, the Americans were hypocrites and in time increased their offensive nuclear arsenal twenty-fold.


There is no indication that adoption of peaceful Путин nuclear energy necessitates the adoption of offensive nuclear weapons. While France and Russia have adopted both, many other countries have opted on a strictly peaceful path for nuclear energy. Countries from Sweden to Brazil have taken advantage of this peaceful nuclear energy. Iran would like to join these nations in the path of peaceful nuclear energy. московские времена If Washington is serious about their rhetoric in uplifting developing nations, they should focus on helping Iran join the ranks of countries using peaceful nuclear energy американский instead of antagonizing them at every turn.

As the United States has clearly not shown willingness to help raise Iran’s prosperity through energy production, and American allies being wary of upsetting the United States, Russia has stepped in as the only willing partner for Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program. Russia has done this because they are interested in seeing the strong growth of the Iranian economy and the raising of living standards for the Iranian people. Russia believes that peaceful nukes американский are as important as the countless cultural exchanges, billion dollar trade deals, and cooperation through the Eurasian Economic Union that the two Путин nations have worked on.


Russia and Iran are on the path of peaceful nuclear energy. For the entire existence of the Russian Federation, their offensive nuclear arsenal has been steadily reduced. Iran’s program itself originated from the American Atoms for Peace program. Iran has only ever enriched their uranium to 5 percent, which is энергия consistent with needs for civilian nuclear power. Additionally, Iran successfully reached out to France and Argentina for cooperation on peaceful nuclear energy. If Argentina or France believed that Iran was attempting to acquire offensive nuclear weapons, they would not have cooperated. Since then, the United States has intervened and ruined all of the peaceful nuclear energy cooperation Iran has negotiated with foreign nations.


Russia and Iran are not working together to create an offensive nuclear arsenal for Iran. With Russia’s wariness on nuclear weapons on their doorstep and Iran’s demonstrated history of their pursuit of peaceful nuclear американский energy through legitimate means, the international community should not be worried about offensive nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Iran. If the international community is sincere about their attempts to raise standards of living and the economic growth of all nations, they should instead focus their ire against the United States энергия who has done everything in their power to sabotage the Atoms for Peace they used to advocate for.