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Iran in the Hot Seat at the Atomic Energy Agency

IPD Article Image - Iran in the Hot Seat at the Atomic Energy Agency

Written by Joe Allom-Perez

Le Monde

30th November, 2018

The International Atomic Energy Agency has been in discussion regarding implementing rules and regulations on use of nuclear power usage, but some countries have the opposite view from the majority. Many delegates such as the U.S., wish to help destroy the nuke stockpiles in countries such as the Democratic Republic of North Korea. However, North Korea say that they keep their nukes to “maintain their national sovereignty."

The goal of the IAEA is to promote peace and development, but not all countries are willing to cooperate. The U.S. accused Iran of having nuclear weapons present in their arsenal. Other countries followed suit by requesting Iran for proof of not having stocks of nuclear weapons. The IAEA then went to a debate of allies protecting Iran and other countries attempting to get Iran to admit the allegations. The representative of Germany stated that "people have found scraps of nuclear weapons in Iran." In the end, there was neither solid proof showing stocks of nuclear weapons, nor prof showing that there were not stocks of nuclear weapons.

Iraq then opened up to a question and answer session in front of the committee. The representative of Iran answered many tough questions regarding its relations with the U.S. She was able reply with fantastic answers that turned all eyes to the United States' actions. The U.S. representative then marched out. Now, many countries have backed off from Iran, but some are still in question.

Further, debates about whether or not the use of nuclear energy power is safe also occurred. Many countries in favor say that it is the power of the future. Others say that it is unsafe. Countries such as Afghanistan believe that if used safely, then the power is useful. However, Iran has managed to not be targeted in this issue.