CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 1994

Inside the Mind of the DNC's Executive Committee

IPD Article Image - Inside the Mind of the DNC's Executive Committee

By Neha Kapur, Islamic Republic News Agency

The ideology of the Democratic Party has been “focusing on the party platform, dealing with the Vietnam War, civil rights issues, campaign, laws, all aimed at creating a comprehensive platform,” said Congressman Carl Albert. Due to a recent discussion between the United States Democratic Senate and Democratic National Committee, the goals of the Democratic Party are under question.

The debate is boiling between the U.S., DNC and Democratic senators, with a wide range of heated viewpoints flying around the room. The main point of concern stems from the conflicts of the Vietnam War. The body now asks whether the U.S. should continue to escalate or de-escalate the course of the Vietnam War. Sen. Herman Talmadge reiterates that “We have only one option: we must increase involvement in Vietnam while ensuring President Johnson’s footprint in the world, making him look as strong as possible.”

While many members of the Democratic Senate agree with the statement made by Talmadge, many others side with Congressman Robert Hughes who advocates for the de-escalation of the war. “Our goal is to create a peaceful solution that protects the people by fighting against communism," he asserted. "If we believe the war is a useless cause, we will have a useless solution. We need to pull out of the war in a peaceful way."

With all the debate, the Democratic Party is unable to reach a final consensus, being divided by a 60-40 vote on escalation or de-escalation of Vietnam. The DNC and Democratic Senators find themselves more polarized on their next course of action, unable to compromise and reach a cohesive solution to benefit the greatest amount of people. The question now becomes: Is finding middle ground an impossible option for the Democratic Party?