CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

ICJ Agrees to Hold Kulbhushan Jadhav Trial

IPD Article Image - ICJ Agrees to Hold Kulbhushan Jadhav Trial

By: Emma Langas, The Chronicle

The International Court of Justice has postponed Kulbhushan Jadhav’s execution after India and Pakistan have officially cut communications. It plans to hold a hearing in 2019 for Jadhav, from India, arrested on March 3, 2016 for espionage.

According to The Hindu, Jadhav’s trial lasted three months, and resulted in him being sentenced to death. Pakistan repeatedly refused to show legal documents concerning the case to India, and India was not allowed contact. As reported by The Economic Times, a four day public hearing is to occur from Feb. 18 to 21 concerning Jadhav.

Pakistan believes Jadhav is guilty of spying on them and reporting back to an Indian intelligence agency. India denies this, and has demanded details on the arrest, but have not received an answer. India also has accused Pakistan of other illegal acts, according to The Economic Times, and believes Pakistan is responsible for radicalizing Kashmir youths and for causing the deaths of Indian soldiers found decapitated at the Pakistan border. Pakistan has denied both of these claims.

The international community tends to side with the ICJ. The issue has mainly been placed in the hands of India and Pakistan.

“The Republic of Botswana has a relatively stable government and has been able to steer clear of corruption. We support a fair trial to truly see if this man is guilty, as law and punishments should be justified,” a representative from Botswana commented.