CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Houthi Representative Ghalib Zaid Pleads, Mohammed bin Salman Celebrates Economic Victory

IPD Article Image - Houthi Representative Ghalib Zaid Pleads, Mohammed bin Salman Celebrates Economic Victory

By Janice Lee, Breitbart

"The main goal of the Saudis is respect for sovereignty," Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman said. "We're willing to negotiate with Houthis in order to take Saudi Arabia into the future as the beacon of progress in the Middle East."

The United Nations Security Council has been struggling with the blowback from their latest effort to reconcile Yemen and Saudi Arabia through ceasefire resolutions. While the Houthis and the Yemen people have been faced with lack of water, sanitation, and safety, the Saudis take pride in their recent economic achievements due to the success of the Saudi Aramco.

"I want to tell the Saudi government, I am pleading you, at least let the civilians live," Houthi representative Ghalib Zaid said. "We are coming to the peace table. We are negotiating. We are abiding by the rules you set, and you still continue a military campaign, not only against our military forces but against those of civilians inside Yemen who have done nothing to you."

The Yemen civil war and conflict is still feeding into a large Yemeni population that continues to sustain a detrimental refugee crisis. The U.N. has reported the war as a humanitarian crisis with millions within Yemen displaced or deceased.

"Belgium is specifically working toward volunteers going to Yemen and helping the people who are stuck in Yemen, [helping those] who cannot leave, helping children gain education to prevent child marriages, and [preventing] children from being drafted into the war," the delegate representing Belgium in the United Nations Security Council said. "Peace talks have already been happening, but they've been unsuccessful. We're hoping to bring peace by setting restrictions on both sides but also helping both sides by showing that we're going to help and we are not favoring or biasing one specific side."

The Saudi Arabian Crown Prince wishes to have less dependence on oil revenue in the future and promote his philosophy of alliance in the global economy.