CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

SOCHUM considers press freedom

IPD Article Image - SOCHUM considers press freedom

The rights of journalists are up for debate in the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural committee.

Some members believe that whistleblowers and journalists are imperative to preventing corruption.

The freedom of the press is one of the most sacred things in a free society,”  the representative from Bosnia said.

These members are concerned with the human rights violations that many journalists experience and seek to protect the rights of journalists as the debate continues.

Some members are supportive of reporting, but cautious to give journalists free rein with national security in mind.

“More important than having news is living in a safe country,” the representative from India said.

And then, on the far end of the spectrum, there is Vietnam.

“The press is a subversive institution that subverts national security and undermines the ability of the government to provide stability,” the representative from Vietnam said.

“As I said, they bear similar trait[s] to certain cold blooded reptiles,” he said, referring to an earlier speech when he described journalists as "snakes."

The representative from Vietnam said that each country should be able to make independent decisions about press freedom.

“We don’t want western imperialists telling us how to run our country,” the representative from Vietnam said. 

“We should be [...] teaching journalists how to do their jobs properly in a way that they are not infringing on national security,” he said, referring to Vietnam's journalism schools.