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Filibusters and More at the Early Morning Press Conference

IPD Article Image - Filibusters and More at the Early Morning Press Conference

By: Annabelle May, Buzzfeed


Today's early morning press conference left more questions than answers as representatives from China, Russia, Germany and the United States spoke about the ongoing crisis surrounding cyber attacks. Russia began the press conference by expressing their condolences towards George H.W. Bush’s passing, yet this simple statement was not all they said about his passing. They spoke until the limit of their speaking time, creating a filibuster of condolences.  

China used their time to make it clear that the U.S. statement, which claimed the Chinese government was the sole perpetrator of the cyber attack, was deemed false.  Although the German cabinet stated they have linked the source of the cyber attack to a terrorist group, there are many speculations that China and Russia worked together to plan and move forward with the aforementioned attack.

The Security Council speculated that the attacks seemed more targeted than ever as the outage was aimed towards a German power plant that provides power to an American military base. The U.S. specifically stated they felt targeted by this attack, but the Security Council claimed that the investigation should not be turned into any type of “witch hunt.”

For the most part, the questionable actions on behalf of China and Russia only perpetuated these speculations. Russia’s filibuster did nothing but promote the idea that they had something to do with the cyber attacks. China’s rumored lies did nothing but strengthen the allegation of their involvement. Yet, it is hard to tell if the U.S. statements hold any factual evidence, as they mentioned nothing about Russia’s past cyber attacks.

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