CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Exclusive Interview with Mohammed Bin Salman

IPD Article Image - Exclusive Interview with Mohammed Bin Salman

By Andrew Jones, Al Jazeera

After many trying years, it seems that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may be trying to bolster its image. An exclusive interview with the President of Saudi Arabia(Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud) brings insight to the recent Aramco IPO, and what its valuation means for the Middle Eastern nations future.

The proposed “Saudi Vision 2030”; the name of a new Saudi development plan, which according to President Al Saud will light a “Beacon of progress within the Middle East”. Along with investing heavily in tourism, and education, the masterminds behind Saudi Vision 2030 hope to diminish Saudi Arabia's reliance on oil and other non-renewable energy sources. 

Though he was not too specific about what energy sources his Kingdom would be investing in, the President did present the idea of an atomic energy fund, that with nurturing and time could shift Saudi Arabia's pollutant levels to some of the lowest in the world.However, this transition does not mean that Saudi Arabia will loosen its hold on the world’s energy sector. And though this nations motives may seem heroic and even selfless, in the words of the Saudi President “energy revenues will change”, and maybe, just maybe, so will Saudi Arabia's revenue flow.