CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

EU passes two resolutions to strengthen global security

IPD Article Image - EU passes two resolutions to strengthen global security

After days of fiery debate, the European Union has come together to pass two resolutions to strengthen global security and reaffirm the commitment of EU nations to global safety.

The first resolution was passed by consensus, which was a big step towards unity within the EU. This resolution highlights many important aspects in respect to the military, NATO and cybersecurity and provides a very comprehensive plan to implement these solutions into the governments of EU member states.

Included in this resolution is the encouragement for nations to put 2 percent of their GDP towards the military, the improvement of the nation’s biotechnology and national regulations that include emergency response systems in the event of a nuclear attack. Additionally, the resolution that was passed establishes a cybersecurity framework that focuses on “identifying, protecting, responding and recovering” all cyber materials in each nation.

Although the second resolution was not passed by consensus, the EU member states still worked together to pass another resolution that provides security for the world. Some key points of this resolution include the establishment of an EU board of cyber specialists, a European Council of Security, and a strategic plan to combat the presence of fake news in the media.

However, many were wary of this resolution as it includes a clause that implements a system of “ethical hackers.” While this system has been used in the past, many governments believe that any use of hackers has the possibility of these hackers then turning on the government. No matter how “ethical” they may be, it is hard to believe that anyone who has been trained as a hacker can be completely ethical and neutral while working for high-level government agencies.

The Italian representatives smiles while holding her passed resolution paper