CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Educational Developments For the Betterment of Humanity

IPD Article Image - Educational Developments For the Betterment of Humanity

Andrew Jones, Al Jazeera   


The all important topic of equality in education is being discussed today in SOCHUM. Delegates hope to offer more diverse education programs across the world, in both developed and underdeveloped nations. Many different voices are trying to be heard, while the delegates present their country's views on what types of education should be offered in their solutions.

Delegates are, of course, discussing traditional education, in which students go to primary and secondary school and then potentially continue their educational career by attending a college or university. However, there is also much debate over the idea of vocational programs, where students can learn an essential trade or skill; allowing them to work in the specialized field that they have been thoroughly trained in.

The delegate from Uruguay personified the previous point by stating Uruguay offers “general, technical and professional” styles of education to all citizens who are interested, no matter what gender.

In some less developed countries, gender roles are still very prevalent. The delegate from Ecuador explained that Ecuador still heavily relies on traditional gender roles, and it is usually the men that receive education and seek out work. According to the delegate, in Ecuador it is not unusual for parents to teach their children at home, rather than send them off to school. However, the delegations of Ecuador, Burkina Faso and others countries whose cultures are still rooted in these traditional gender stereotypes do hope to foster change in the SOCHUM General Assembly.

These proposed changes are not without their critics, however.

The delegations of Croatia and Holy See have brought up of illiteracy rates and poor access to the proper technologies required to receive a proper education. These delegates, and others like them, hope to establish a large fund within the U.N. that better educates teachers on how to provide early learning skills and gives them technology so that underdeveloped peoples can establish stronger relationships and seek out better opportunities with the rest of the world.

These delegates are on a quest to provide a good education to everyone, no matter their race, wealth or gender.

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