CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Editorial: There is No Time to Waste with World Security

IPD Article Image - Editorial: There is No Time to Waste with World Security

The latest meeting of the European Union (EU) has begun with talks of creating national security plans to improve countries by their defenses. However, the imminent threat from North Korea will not be solved by purely national security, but international security.

Early this morning, North Korea launched yet another missile, this one capable of reaching all parts of the continental United States. With this type of power, the world needs to address this situation as quickly as possible, and working towards building up national militaries with no regards for international cooperation will surely not end in the way that the world wants.

“The national plan is to make sure that the national protocols and cybersecurity in each nation works before other countries use them. We included onsite and offsite exercise emergency plans in the event of an attack to make sure that governments are working alongside these places,” the representative of Bulgaria stated.

When questioned about the North Korean threat, the Bulgarian, Croatian, and Slovenian representatives explained another clause of their resolution where the EU would partner with NATO in the event of a nuclear attack from North Korea.

However, the main target of North Korea is the United States, and currently U.S. President Donald Trump has expressed disdain for NATO. Given the White House’s recent turn inwards from international cooperation, the likelihood of the U.S. supporting this plan is slim. Trump has been known to act quickly without regards for other nations, so the EU needs to understand that U.S. cooperation is unlikely.

The only way to prevent a nuclear attack against the West is to work together on an international basis, instead of turning inwards like many nations have discussed. Without help from the U.S., the EU will have to work to protect democracy on their own.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un