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Editorial: The United Kingdom is Wrong to Ignore Eastern Europe

IPD Article Image - Editorial: The United Kingdom is Wrong to Ignore Eastern Europe

Darci Johnson, Toronto Star

1948- The United Kingdom has seemingly lost its world dominance, especially after the loss of India and Pakistan. Currently, the U.K. is grappling with the devastating effects of World War I and II. Although the economy of the U.K. is suffering, it is of an utmost importance that the democratic nations of the world work together to fight off the power of the USSR and the heightened communist threat. 

Instead of working to assert democracy in these areas, like the U.S. has committed to doing, the U.K. has decided to draw inwards, and consequently ignore the millions of people suffering under the rule of communism. It is clear that although the U.K. might have economic problems, their government is still one of the most powerful in the world, especially after their victory in World War II.

Given the United States’ presence within these areas of communism and their efforts in Berlin to increase democracy and promote the freedom of these people, the U.K. does not even need to give monetary aid. Just a statement from Parliament condemning communism would ease concerns about Great Britain’s interests, but the U.K. is unwilling to agree to this yet.

When asked about aiding those suffering under the USSR, the United Kingdom’s press representative would only say that the U.K. needs to focus on domestic affairs before focusing on international issues.

It is understandable that the U.K. would want to regain their position as a dominant power, but a complete disregard for the millions of people being crushed under the reign of communism is unacceptable. If the U.K. chooses to stay silent on this issue, it gives the USSR more room to expand their power without any worries of backlash from democratic nation. The U.K. needs to realize how much their participation in Eastern Europe will affect the lives of millions, and they need to realize it quickly.

Citizens of West Berlin watch an aircraft carry in supplies