CIMUN Chronicle / Article / 2016

Editorial: Technology and Nationalism

IPD Article Image - Editorial: Technology and Nationalism

Annabelle May, Buzzfeed

Is technology capable of being manipulated by the power of nationalism?

Within this conference, the advancements and future advancements of technology have been a recurrent topic. The EU spoke about the protection of citizens against things such as AI and cryptocurrency. The Human Rights Council spoke about the economic benefits of technology. Yet, during the discussion of these topics, many spoke more about the fear of technology.

Is there really any reason to be afraid of technology? Surely, our globe could not thrive without the advancements we have made today in technology. Although, the past manipulation of technology have made people afraid of it. The Russia hackings, censorship, cost, and even social media cause people to stray from technology. The fear of technology manipulation is extremely evident in such topics.

Technology certainly can be manipulated by anything, even nationalism. Nationalism defines itself as a group with primary beliefs that are shared amongst one another to “bring unity.” It could manipulate our technology by using censorship to block websites. It could manipulate our technology by using even website filters to give us personalized ads or local affiliations. Nationalism is cryptocurrencies used by only a specific group and it surely is hierarchy and violent love for one’s country. The government has already began manipulating our technology and taking our personal data.

Many fear that in the future there will be cameras that watch our every word and listen to every word we speak. Many fear that their lack of patriotism is frowned upon by the government and could get them in trouble. This is the definition of Nationalism, not being able to critically critique your country without being in constant fear. So, can our technology be manipulated by nationalism? The answer is that it has already begun.